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To give your client a customized map is a thoughtful and practical gift. It is a long-lived promotional vehicle because people who get maps tend to keep them for a long time.

Every year we produce quite a good amount of customized maps and guidebooks for corporates, with logos or other insertions onto the map. Tell us what you have in mind, and let us do the best for you.

Custom-made Map for Corporate: 

  • 1. Any design can be added on the map by offset printing, provided quantity reaches 500 copies or more. Of course, the more copies the more economical in one single copy.  Sample
  • 2. Alumnium frame with Acrylic sheeted surface.
    All our wall maps can be framed and made to order.  Sample
  • 3. Same as item 2 above, with customized congratulations messages
  • 4. Extra large map for boardroom use can be made digitally. The paper width is 58 "(1470 mm) .Any size over will be treated by pieces and then joined together. Any map or part thereof the items in the Product List is applicable.  Sample
  • 5. For publishing industry, such as the Michelin Guide negotiable.
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