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All items listed are obtainable from bookshops, while some are available at Convenient Stores. Or you may drop in our sale-showroom. However, if mailing is required for abroad, the following should be noted :

    A. For orders around HK$500 or above, please send us Bank Draft;
   B. For small orders, use "Universal Reply Coupon" obtainable from post office
     in sender's city. One coupon is equivalent to HK$3 .

    Please deposit in advance the sum into our bank account
    (Enquiry 2786 3004) or send us a cheque.

    Large Hanging Map ( HK$120) :420g (with paper tube)
    Small Hanging Map ( HK$ 60) :270g (with paper tube)
    Folded Map :70g
    "Hong Kong Guidebook":310g
    Net weight of the product; packaging + extra 50% postage

Postage and Packing:
    Tube and handling: $70 each (For foreign order only; Local delivery charge
      $80 per order) (The length of large map tube is 127cm, but some countries
      accept only up to 105cm. Customers should consult Hong Kong Post before
    No handling charge for other products;
    Pay exactly for Products + Tube (if any) + Postage.
     if Registered Mail is required, add $13.
    For postage: www.hongkongpost.com

Price List (Download Order Form) (For dealers) (PDF Format)

Also available in online bookstores; please contact and inquire, including:


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